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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Review

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the 2nd book in the Harry Potter series and sadly has been my least favorite from the series ever since I was a kid. Harry returns to Hogwarts for his second

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Catwoman: Soulstealer Review

Disclaimer: While I like Catwoman, I’ve never been much into the DC comics. Because of this, the following review does not reflect on its position in the already established world and backstory

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Mermaid Melody review

Mermaid Melody is a 7 volume manga series about the 14-year old mermaid princess Lucia Nanami. Lucia is the mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean, sets out on land to find the boy that she

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Eliza and her Monsters review

Eliza and her Monsters is the story about a girl called Eliza Mirk. In real life, Eliza is extremely shy, awkward and Quest but online she lives the life the anonymous creator of webcomic Monstrous

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Leah on the offbeat review

Leah on the offbeat is the second installment of the Creekwood series, and follows Leah in the year after the first installment about her best friend Simon in Simon VS. the Homo sapiens Agenda and also

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Wicked Heart review

Wicked Heart is the third book in the Bad Romeo universe, and follows Eliza Holt, rather than her brother Ethan Holt and his girlfriend Cassie. The general story and the way of storytelling remain the

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The upside of unrequited review

The upside of Unrequired is about Molly, a girl who has had twenty-six unrequited crushes because feeling insecure due to being a bigger girl makes her not act on any of them. Despite Molly’s

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Cardcaptor Sakura review

Cardcaptor Sakura is a 12 volume manga series about the 10-year old Sakura Kin0moto who finds an old book filled with a set of powerful, magical, card. Because of Sakura opening the book, the cards

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We Are Okay Review

We are okay is the story about Marin who hasn’t spoken to anyone from her old life since she left everything behind after the loss of her grandfather. But despite running away from thousands of

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Detective Pikachu: Episode 0 – Eevee’s Case review

Detective Pikachu: Episode 0 – Eevee’s case is a prequel story to the Detective Pikachu game that released March 23rd, 2018 worldwide.  As a self-proclaimed great detective, Pikachu can

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