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Mermaid Melody review

Format: Paperback

Pages: 1536 pages across 7 volumes (average of 219 pages per volume)

Published: April 25, 2006

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 0345491963 (Volume 1), 0345491971 (Volume 2), 034549198X (Volume 3), 0345491998 (Volume 4), 0345492005 (Volume 5), 0345492013 (Volume 6), 0345492021 (Volume 7)

3 out of 5 stars

Mermaid Melody is a 7 volume manga series about the 14-year old mermaid princess Lucia Nanami. Lucia is the mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean, sets out on land to find the boy that she had saved from a tsunami wave seven years before the beginning of the story, to whom she fell in love and had entrusted her pink pearl. She eventually finds the boy, but she can’t tell him who she really is; otherwise, according to mermaid legend, she would turn into bubbles and disappear.

At the same time,  a group of water demons has invaded the sea world and she must gather six other Mermaid Princesses and their pearls to bring back the legendary goddess Aqua Regina to stop them.

The story of Mermaid Melody is sadly kind of lackluster, even though I really loved the anime as a 12-year-old. The art is all over the place and from time to time downright bad. The plot is something completely else, as every chapter builds on the same boilerplate of going to the sea, encountering water demons, defeat them by singing (???) and going back to the Surface. half of the volumes felt unnecessary to the story, which is a shame because the initial potentials was there.

The characters all feel cut out of the same wood as well, especially the 3 main characters Lucia, Hannon, and Rina. they’re all mermaid princesses that came to the human world because their kingdoms got destroyed and/or their pearls stolen while staying there they fall in love with a human and not being able to confess, which frustrates them a lot.

All in all Mermaid Melody had a lot of potentials but doesn’t live up to it at all. even as a trip down memory lane wasn’t that good. sadly, I definitely can’t recommend it at all.